May 21, 2020

The second broadcast of Infinitesimal Dialectic:

An interview with Hawk and Eric Francis of Planet Waves, around the philosophy of Marshall McLuhan, coronavirus, the immune system, body odor, internet protocols, and the function of memory:

(the first <3 mins of audio are sampled from the film Twelve Monkeys, by Terry Gilliam)

May 7th:
We will be broadcasting a live music stream of consciousness every full moon, at 7:00pm MST

Full Flower Moon recording:

Temperatures are rising and we're feeling a bit of the blues. Seeds are planted, the sage is about to bloom, and we miss others dancing the music to life with us. The world around isn't as still as it was a month ago, but fear still hangs heavy in the air. Even the birds seem to be holding more distance.

For a while I've been captured by the minor keys, while Hawk keeps circling from dirge to jig. The timing will suddenly shift. Melt into him dancing, or rush through my fingers. That feeling, of melody piercing the dissonance. That moment on the roller coaster right before the drop. Your whole body feels it.. Sometimes the notes go off the rails. Sometimes they don't. The sour notes, the in betweens - all part of it. Undiscarded. Woven in.

We feel a song on it's way to us. Until then, we'll bounce and weave the notes, some jarring, some gelling. Every day now, there's a few more moments of light.

April 30th:
Hawk's first conversation of The Infinitesimal Dialectic, with Derrick Jensen -


Meditating on the chrysalis this week.
Music is from Sailing the Spiral Seas.


April 4th, 2020, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction:

Thanks to those who joined us for our first live stream at aspenchant. Here's the recording of our musical reflection of the world-at-the-moment.

Most of the speaking samples woven into the music are the voice of Dr. Zachary Stein, author of Covid-19: A War Broke out in Heaven.

Here is a wonderful video discussion about that article.

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